Our Team

Debby Bechtold

Owner and Stylist


Debby has been in the hair industry since 1977, almost forty years! She was born into it and says, "it's in her blood." She followed in the footsteps of her mother, Dola Shepherd who opened Wentzville House of Beauty in 1965. She enjoys doing colors and cuts. Her favorite product lines are currently Unite and Alterna. Her all time favorite line is Nioxin, which helps to prevent fine hair. In her free time she enjoys being with her family and grandkids.


Debby is a member of the National Cosmetology Association (now called the Professional Beauty Association). This association advances the professional beauty industry by providing its members with education, charitable outreach, government advocacy, events and more. Debby was also one of the founding members of the St. Charles Cosmetology Foundation.

Tricia Winters



Tricia has been doing hair for almost fifteen years. She is a third generation hair dresser who was born and raised in the salon with her mother and grandmother. Her favorite thing about doing hair is the social aspect of working with people, and making them feel good about themselves. Everything about being a hair stylist is rewarding, but if she had to pick one thing, she loves doing color because of the creativity that is involved.


Tricia is certified for hair extensions and is always continuing her education. Her favorite products right now include Unite Lazer Straight, which smoothes hair but doesn't take the volume or body out of the hair. Tricia also loves using the Bamboo Smooth Kendi Oil Micromist by Alterna, which adds shine and smoothness. Tricia spends her "downtime" with her three children and their very busy social schedules. Her hobbies include home decorating and crafting!

Kayla Powelson



Kayla has been a hair stylist for seven years at Wentzville House of Beauty. Her favorite thing about being a hair stylist is the social aspect. Kayla is a people person and enjoys socializing with her clients. You will have not only a hair stylist, but also a friend after you see her. She always greets and leaves you with a warm smile! Being a hairdresser also serves as a creative outlet for Kayla.


Two of Kayla's favorite products are the Alterna Bamboo Smooth Kendi Dry Oil Micromist and the Bamboo Volume 48 Hour Sustainable Volume Spray. Kayla has two toddlers so she spends much of her so called "free time" running after her 3 kids and with her family.

Emily Jones



Emily graduated from Paul Mitchell School of Beauty in April of 2019. She is certified in eye lash extensions, air brush makeup, hair and nails! Her favorite products include 7 seconds leave in conditioner by Unite and Glass Action by Amika.

Emily is a kid at heart and has an artistic side. She loves to draw and shop the latest fashion trends. She also loves spending time with her 3 dogs when she isn't working.

Carey Eagan



Carey has been a receptionist with Wentzville House of Beauty for over 6 years. She provides a warm welcome to clients when they walk in the door or over the phone. Carey knows how the business operates and never hesitates to lend a hand. She enjoys helping clients and stylists to meet and exceed their needs when it comes to scheduling, products, and more! Her favorite hair products at the moment are UNITE. In her free time, Carey enjoys spending time with her family and friends.

Lana Lambert

Assistant and Receptionist


Lana graduated from St. Charles Beauty College in 1965 and has worked as a beautician in Warrenton and Wentzville. She started working with Wentzville House of Beauty seventeen years ago. She loves working at the salon because she enjoys being around other people and socializing. It keeps her busy and there is never a boring day. You will see Lana doing mostly shampoos when you come into the beauty shop. She has them down to a fine art! Her favorite hair care products are the Caviar line by Alterna. When she isn’t working, she enjoys spending time with her family, grandkids and great grandkids.

Kyla Garland

Receptionist & Marketing Coordinator 

Kyla grew up in the hair world. She is lucky to have Debby as her grandmother and Tricia as her aunt. Kyla works as a receptionist and also handles all of Wentzville House of Beautys marketing. She enjoys creating ways to make the clients interact on social media and loves to create ideas to help Wentzville House of Beauty strive. Kylas favorite product is Amikas "Perka up" Dry Shampoo.